EVGA launches Haiti Relief Fund

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Posted: 6 years 39 weeks ago

EVGA has set up a Haiti Relief Fund with the goal of collecting $10,000 for the quake stricken Caribbean nation, and as we're alway keen to support any sensible humanitarian drive, we urge you to take a look.

A week ago the poorest nation in the western hemisphere was struck by 7.0 earthquake. Loss of life was immense, with recent estimates exceeding 200,000 dead. Millions are homeless or injured and Haiti's capitol Port-au-Prince is in ruins. In other words - if you can, help.

EVGA will match community donations up to $5,000. However, EVGA hopes the community will manage to collect even more, so let's not let them down. We always keep saying gamers are good people, not a bunch of gun nuts and potential spree killers. Here's a chance to prove our point and do some good. Thank you all!