PC Perspective - NVIDIA GF100 - Far Cry 2 Performance

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Posted: 6 years 39 weeks ago

Looking for some quick performance previews of the GF100 architecture compared to GT200? Check out these two videos I recorded at the NVIDIA editor's day earlier in the month. One looks at Far Cry 2 and the other at NVIDIA's ray tracing engine.





I don't think it is performing better than 5970. Nvidia is going downhill with this card.

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Im sure the GF100/ GTX380 will be more powerful that the HD5870, but it will be hotter and it will be more expensive. This video doesnt show what cards are actually running so its just more marketing propaganda. (btw my 4870x2 seems to be doing better than both those cards when playing 2048x1152 at 4xaa so i think im ok)