How about a Modern Warfare MMO?

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Posted: 6 years 41 weeks ago

Like its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an unstoppable cash cow for both Activision and Infinity Ward. With such amazing success, and a carrot made of solid gold dangling in front of it, it may surprise some to learn that Infinity Ward may not be behind what will eventually be Modern Warfare 3.

Although it's still all rumor at this point, VG247 cites a source saying that Infinity Ward isn't working on MW3, but instead something "completely new."

Those inside Infinity Ward have said in prior interviews that it doesn't yet know what its next project will be after the release of MW2.

Another piece of gossip by way of Destructoid poses that Infinity Ward is hiring developers from Sony Online Entertainment and Blizzard to work on an MMO.

Given that Activision owns Infinity Ward, it's unlikely that the publisher would let one of its profitable developers drop what will be another sure-fire hit – unless, of course, it's a potentially more profitable venture. Might that be a Modern Warfare MMO?




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