New Tegra introduced

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Posted: 6 years 41 weeks ago

You can play Unreal engine 3 on the latest Tegra, it is that fast and it will run super high resolutions and even run Blu-ray 3D. Nvidia claims that its 10 times faster than its predecessor, that 500 engineers worked to make it possible and that the chip can run just about anything. Remember, we told you about it here.

It comes with dual-core Cortex A9 CPU, it's power consumption can drop to 500mW and it packs 8 independent processors. Nvidia also claims it can deliver 140 hours of music, and 16 hours of HD video on a single charge. MSI, Compal and a few other partners are working on Tablet PC based on this chip, and since Apple is doing tablets, this might be the next big thing for 2010.

The operating system of a choice is Android, but we are quite sure that you should be able to run alternatives. It looks quite impressive and it should be available shortly. The prototypes are already out.