Marvel introduces 1GHz Armada 610

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Posted: 5 years 11 weeks ago

ARM wtih 1080p graphics

Marvell has launched a rather interesting ARM-based processor with integrated graphics and an impressive 1GHz clock.

Marvell hopes to take on the likes of Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and even Nvidia's Tegra with the new processor. As Marvell holds an ARM license it had a bit more freedom in designing the chip than other players. Hence, they fiddled with the design and came up with a shorter pipeline for faster execution.

It still uses ARMv7 instructions like ARM's Cortex A8, but it packs a bit more punch and it can render up to 45 million polygons per second and cope with four 1080p displays.

Marvell says the new chip is targeted at smartphones, MIDs, eBook readers and portable media players, although we see no reason why it shouldn't be used in smartbooks, as it supposedly packs quite a punch.