EVGA shows its dual LGA 1366 motherboard

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Posted: 6 years 41 weeks ago

Has USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0Gbps EVGA's crown jewel for the CES show has been pixellized and detailed just a couple of days away from its official unveiling at CES 2010 show in Las Vegas. This server hybrid has no less than seven PCI-Express slots and supports LGA 1366 Xeon CPUs. In addition to the rest of specs and those seven red PCI-Express x16 slots, the new motherboard will also feature support for USB 3.0 as well as support for SATA 6.0Gbps, something that we seen quite pften from most major motherboard manufacturers in few last weeks of the old year. The rest of the specifications include support for twelve DDR3 memory slots, six for each CPU, two NF200 SLI bridge chips for those seven PCI-Express slots, eight SATA 3.0Gbps ports, integrated 7.1-channel audio and Gigabit LAN. The new motherboard will feature "Classified-grade" overclocking features so bunch of overclocking settings and details are going to be the main feature of this motherboard, although we still see no point in those seven PCI-Express x16 slots. Here is a picture of the new motherboard and you can check out a bigger one over at Xtremesystems forum.




No, that is a MOTHERboard :)

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Not sure it will deliver the same performance as the Supermicro X8DAI, however those PCI-E slots would be worth it :)

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Now that is a motherboard!

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