Finally confirmed: Nvidia will show GF100 at CES 2010

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Posted: 6 years 42 weeks ago

Nvidia finally confirmed, they will offer GF100 sneak peek at CES 2010. But keep in your mind, launch date is still same and probably we can not buy any new DX11 GeForce graphic cards before March.

Here are some highlights about GF100;

- 40nm
- 384-bit
- 512 CUDA Cores
- SLI, 3D Vision, CUDA, Physx and other Nvidia techs
- 32x brand new AA mode
- Full 3D Blu-ray decoding
- Hardware based over voltagging.
- And according to Nvidia, fastest GPU!




bah. i gave up on nvidia when i got my 4870x2. they have been involved in SO much BS. and I just dont like their attitude.

Plus ATI is canadian! go ATI! Go Canada!


ATI was sold to AMD in 2006. It hasn't been a Canadian company for about 4 years.


Hmmm.... I just bought HD 5970. Don't make me regret!!!!

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Nvidia has said all along that they will release something in Q1 2010. But with so much BS coming from Nvidia over the last year I'll be hard pressed to believe anything they do will make you regret the 5970.

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