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Q&A Video: 4K Monitor For Gaming?

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Video Review #1555: SilverStone FP56 USB 3.0 Multifunction Card Reader

The SilverStone FP56 USB 3.0 Multifunction Card Reader has three USB3 ports, a highspeed charging port and card reader. It also comes with 3 front panels; black, white and silver. As well, there's provision to install two 2.5" drives. Like it's little brother the FP37, it's super convenient and functional product.

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Q&A Video: Operating System Not Found?

Video Review #1554: Fractal Design Arc XL Case

The Fractal Design Arc XL Case like their other Arc series cases, looks amazing and has excellent build quality. This case is very spacious and a perfect option for anyone considering building a robust system with water cooling. There's lots of drive bays, plenty of fans and more can be added, smoked side window and USB3 ports.

Thecus N2310 NAS Now Available in North America

December 3, 2013, Milpitas, California – The N2310, the latest entry level home and small office NAS from Thecus®, is now available in North America. The N2310 provides fast, safe and reliable file storage for homes and small offices, all while consuming only 5W.

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Q&A Video: ISP Fees & Extra Costs

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Video Review #1553: Fractal Design Node 304 White Case

The Fractal Design Node 304 Case is now available in white. Spec wise it's the same as the black model, in that it's tiny, doesn't have a 5.25" drive, but up to six 2.5" or 3.5" drives can be installed. This is a simple, elegant SFF case that would be perfect for a server or if you require a compact mini-ITX/DTX solution with lots of storage.

Q&A Video: System Information & Diagnostics Software

Q&A Video: AMD R9 270 or NVIDIA GTX 660?

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SSD Manufacturer OCZ Preparing For Bankruptcy

"OCZ, a manufacturer of solid-state drives, says it will file for bankruptcy. This move is being forced by Hercules Technology Growth Capital, which had lent $30 million to OCZ under terms that were later breached.

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Deathmatch: PS4s See "Blue Light of Death", Xbox Ones Chew up Discs

"Sony is the first OEM to respond, claims only 1 percent of consoles experience defects." "The $399 USD PS4 launched last Friday and almost instantly reports of broken consoles started popping up.  Sony, to its credit, responded relatively quickly, saying that some consoles had shipped broken and it would be working with customers to replace these models. Chinese language nternet posters claiming to be employees of Hon Hai Precision Industry Comp. Ltd.

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AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta Driver for Windows

"AMD has released a new version of its Catalyst Beta graphics driver, the Catalyst 13.11 Beta9.4. The new driver will improve Crossfire scaling in the recently released Call of Duty: Ghosts game as well as fix some other issues seen in some other games and may fix the recently reported problems with some Radeon R9 290X and R9 290 graphics cards."

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