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Test: Quantum Or Not, Controversial Computer No Faster Than Normal

"The D-Wave computer, marketed as a groundbreaking quantum machine that runs circles around conventional computers, solves problems no faster than an ordinary rival, a new test shows. Some researchers call the test of the controversial device, described in Science, the fairest comparison yet." [Read More]

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Eyes full of Fireflies: Our first look at the Amazon Fire Phone

"After officially unveiling the Amazon Fire Phone, the Seattle company invited us to its headquarters down the road, where they let us go hands-on with new, unique features like Dynamic Perspective and Firefly. We took the opportunity to fill our camera's memory card with photos of the phone and its UI. So in addition to some thoughts from our time using the device (coming soon), this gave us an opportunity to provide a quick visual tour." [Pictures Here]

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Video Review #1621: GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000 Speaker System

The GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000 might not rumble the house or shatter glasses, but it's a great sounding and affordable 2.1 speaker system. Total system power is 45W, sub is 29W and each satellite is 8W, which is enough punch for most. The styling is bold and the build quality is decent, but this product falls in the budget category.

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User Poll: Do You Have a Home Server?

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Video Review #1620: GX Gaming Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset

Combine earbuds and a mic and you get the GX Gaming Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset. With 13mm neodymium drivers and a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz they sounds great. Plus it comes with an excellent omni-directional mic. If you need a portable headset, this is a super option.

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Video Review #1619: Fractal Design Node 804 Case

The Fractal Design Node 804 is a Micro ATX case that has an enormous amount of room for fans, radiators & other computer hardware. It's the ultimate case for a hardcore water cooling setup or a rockin' server. This case is packed full of features, looks great and won't break the bank.

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Q&A Video: Mouse Lift-off Distance?

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Video Review #1618: Silverstone EB03 Premium Headphone Amplifier

The Silverstone EB03 is a premium headphone amplifier that comes with an outstanding integrated circuit. It's elegantly styled, looks outstanding, constructed from aluminum and steel and comes in silver and black. Note: This unit can also be used with the EB01-E.

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Q&A Video: Mouse Angle Snapping?

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Video Review #1617: Silverstone EB01-E External Digital to Analog Converter

The original SilverStone EB01 Digital Audio Converter was released in 2006, but the EB01-E DAC offers a much better chipset, thus sound quality is greatly improved. It's available in a silver and black color, build quality is excellent, it's aluminum, 3 input options and easy setup. For the money, this is one of the best DAC out there.

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Video Review #1416: Mionix Propus 380 & Sargas 900 Mousepads

The Mionix Propus 380 mousepad would be my choice as it's medium sized, made from a special silver-metallic plastic coating, has a thin semi-rigid PVC base & a rubber back. The Sargas 900 Mousepad on the other hand is massive, has a soft microfiber top & rubber backed.

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User Poll: Do You Buy Expensive or Affordable Products?

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