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Posted: 6 years 43 weeks ago

I just found this video by accident and I had to post it. As a follow up to our popular post on How To Boost Your 3G Mobile Broadband Signal this has got to be the cheapest (probably free for most people!) mobile broadband signal booster you can find. Now you can forget about building a diy 3G antenna or buying a high gain external aerial for your dongle, this is a completely home-grown version that everyone should be able to try out. I don’t want to say any more but watch the short video. It really seems to work, watch the right hand side of the graph. It made me laugh anyway! Oh, and if anybody tries this and has any success, please let me know in the comments section. Enjoy! Read more: The Best (and Funniest) 3G Mobile Broadband Signal Booster | The Mobile Broadband Blog



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What about the transmit speed?


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