Mom calls cops for help with son's gaming addiction

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Posted: 6 years 44 weeks ago

A 14-year-old boy's mother had enough with her son's gaming over the weekend. After turning off the console hoping he would stop gaming, she called police to ask for their help in solving her son's "addiction."

According to the story first reported in the Boston Herald, Angela Mejia had enough with her son's gaming when she found him playing Grand Theft Auto at 2:30 a.m. She told him to go to sleep, but he refused.

"Sometimes I want to run away, too," Mejia told the Boston Herald. "I have support from my church, but I'm alone. I want to help my son, but I can't find a way."

After unplugging her son's game console, she decided to call 911. Police came to Mejia's home and coaxed the boy into going to sleep.

"[The police] were just like, 'Chill out. Go to bed,'" Mejia's son told the Herald.

What Mejia's son did when he woke up is unknown. My guess: he played a video game. Yours?




Come on.... It is better than son go outside and do drugs, trouble.. Play game or drugs.. which is better for your kids to choose? Today, too many kids out there are bullying on others.. Maybe that son start to play game and have enjoyable time for himself to get away from trouble.. So his mother cant force him to go sleep. Since it is weekend. Come on...If he is my son, i will let him to play game as long as he is stay in house.. It is better and i can focus whatever i want to do. Does it makes sense to you ?? Come on... Play game is not big deal. As long as his mother dont buy violent games for her son at all. If he is older enough to buy it for himself then it is okay.. There are million adult and youngers are start to play game to calm down and relax their minds than worry too much out there like crime, murder, robbery, etc..


I don't see why more people aren't upset about her misuse of 911. That number is only to be used for emergencies, not lack of parental control. If I were those police, I would have threatened to take her to jail. Besides, playing games nonstop is no more an addiction as a kid playing music nonstop.

It would seem that people these days are only looking for the next thing to worry about. Unfortunately, there are quite a few uneducated individuals pushing these idiotic beliefs upon others.

If the kid literally does nothing but play games (never leaves the house, no other hobbies, no friends), then maybe the parents need to evaluate the child's life as a whole. A much bigger problem may be present.

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Go to the fuse box and flip the breaker off to his room.


Tim to get the kid a new mom. In the past if my mom would say i needed to go to bed and stop gaming i would. Not that i'm an angel or anything :P

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time to get your head out of your you know what...

now a days all kids do is play video games non stop. sure we all love them, im 26 now and still play video games but i know when to stop, i know when my limit is, just like drinking and other addicting habits.

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time to put a child safty lock on the power outlet.