YouTube video poster lands a hefty Hollywood deal

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Posted: 4 years 17 weeks ago

A short YouTube video dubbed "Panic Attack", managed to land a hefty Hollywood deal to its author, Fede Alvarez. Panic Attack was reportedly made on a budget of a couple of hundred dollars, but this will certainly be money well spent for Mr. Alvarez.

Although the short movie doesn't feature much acting, the atmosphere is spot on, and this might prove to be one of the wisest posts he's ever made. Apparently, Ghost House Pictures have contacted Mr. Alvarez not long after the video is posted and contracted him to develop and direct an original movie. The movie will be based on Alvarez's idea although a writer will reportedly be hired.

Details are still scarce and we hear that the deal will be worth anywhere from six-figure digits to $40 million, but we can't confirm anything as of yet. What we can confirm however, that this is a lesson to any aspiring artist out there – an idea and hard work go a long way, as you can see from the YouTube video here.



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My jaw dropped.

Wow. Just.... wow.

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I am now curious what camera they used???

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Wow... very nice :)

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When I watched the video my jaw dropped. Everything was done very well. All that eye candy was done for less than 300$. What I liked about his work is that the scenes meshed together each giving a natural look of panic. Those robots with the guns and the buildings, all very nicely done. Wish I had those kinds of skills. :)

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