Mozilla releases Firefox 3.5.6 update

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Posted: 6 years 45 weeks ago


It has been just over a month since the Mozilla development team released Firefox 3.5.5, and now the time has come again to implement additional security issues and stability enhancements.

As we patiently wait in anticipation for the big Firefox 3.60 build to arrive in Spring 2010, it is important that we show our respect and encouragement to the individuals within the Mozilla development team who have provided us with open source browsing for over five years in a row.

A few hours ago, Firefox 3.5.6 was released as a minor update that addresses a total of 62 bugs found in 3.5.5, all of which can be found here. At the same time, the team has released Firefox 3.0.16 which boasts five security updates. However, it is important for Firefox 3.0.x users to keep in mind that this release will be maintained with security and stability updates until January 2010, which is less than a few weeks away at this point.

In particular, Firefox 3.5.6 tackles three critical-rated issues including location bar spoofing vulnerabilities, an NTLM reflection vulnerability, memory safety fixes in the liboggplay video library, and crashes with evidence of memory corruption, among others.

Firefox 3.5.6 can be downloaded here.



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Mine's auto-updated to 3.5.6! :)

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