EA shows trailer for new Medal of Honor game

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Posted: 6 years 45 weeks ago

Another war-themed first-person shooter series has traded the perennial World War II setting for a present-day one. Electronic Arts recently announced a new Medal of Honor game set in the ongoing Afghan war. A short teaser video showing a few brief action clips has now made its way onto the web:

The video has an aftertaste of Modern Warfare 2, with a mix of vehicle sections and standard run-and-gun action. According to Shacknews' story about the original announcement, Medal of Honor will feature a "'best-in-class single-player campaign' inspired by 'real events' and crafted with the assistance of the US Special Operations Community's Tier 1 Operators 'to create the most authentic modern war experience.'"

Medal of Honor's single-player campaign will be developed by EA Los Angeles (a studio made up of the former Dreamworks Interactive and Westwood teams, Shacknews says), while Battlefield series developer DICE will take on the multiplayer aspect. The game will be out next year for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.



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I feel the light betray me!

well well, counter strike is not least either.

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COD is hella cool action game guys.

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...and another COD rehash. I used to like the MOH series. This is just a waste of time IMHO.