AMD receives $1.25 billion settlement from Intel

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Posted: 6 years 44 weeks ago

We've already written about the ongoing settlement between Intel and AMD plenty of times with everyone, particularly Nvidia, taking notice. AMD recently made it official and confirmed that Intel and AMD have settled their dispute in an amicable, although a bit pricey manner, where both parties agreed on certain terms.

The hefty $1.25 billion payment which AMD recently confirmed to have received, settles the ongoing dispute over antitrust patent disputes in what will be a five-year license agreement between the two companies. AMD's part of the deal includes dropping the charges in Japan and the US District Court in Delaware whereas Intel must follow the settlement provisions outlined by AMD in the process.

Be it as it may, Intel is still not in the clear, as the company is still set to deal with the $1.45 billion fine in Europe.




More money for the underdog who makes great products!

Intel always makes the "fastest" but that comes with a noble price tag......

AMD has quality chips that are on par with Intel's lower to mid end, & they have every right to stop antitrust evildoers like Intel & Micro$oft