Nvidia preparing Geforce 315 desktop rebrand

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Posted: 6 years 45 weeks ago

A week and a half ago, news hit the internet that Nvidia had launched its first Geforce 300-series desktop card, which garnered hopes from its massive consumer base that it was preparing to unveil the full next-generation series over the next few months. Unfortunately, the unveiling of the “behemoth” Geforce G 310 was overhyped too quickly, as prospective consumers and media analysts alike soon realized it to be a simple rebranded, refreshed version of the Geforce G 210 marketed for OEM distributors.

Today, our friends at Turkish site DonanimHaber have recently uncovered news on HP’s site about a Geforce 315 next-generation desktop card surfacing in the OEM channel. Information about the card was revealed within the company’s product specifications page for the HP Pro 2000 Microtower PC. The system comes factory-equipped with an Intel G41-based motherboard with integrated GMA X4500 graphics. However, HP lists an optional discreet graphics processor variety to choose from, including the Nvidia Geforce 315 1GB ATX PCI-E x16.

While complete information about this newly discovered GPU remains speculative at best, we do know that it is based on the 40nm GT216 core (GT216-200-A2), carries the codename “D10M2-20,” supports DirectX 10.1 and is supposedly the OEM version of the recently launched Geforce GT 220. In specific, the Geforce 315 runs at identically the same speeds with a 625MHz core, 1360MHz shaders, and 1800MHz DDR3 memory. However, the memory has been doubled on this OEM card to 1GB of 128-bit DDR3, up from 512MB of 128-bit DDR3 on the stock version of the Geforce GT 220 (although several manufacturers supply 512MB and 1GB variants).

Additional specifications remain the same with 48 stream processors, 8 ROPs, HDMI output, a maximum power draw of 52W, and the same physical dimensions. Pricing and availability are the only two undetermined variables within the information pool, but we will have updates on them as we learn more.





Looks like most of the 300 will be rebrands until they get to the last hopefully when they are going to release the new card , ... that's way too late :) if ever , this fermi was fake on the gpu show anyways.

this is a huge blow to nvidia fanboys (nvida hypes and advertises no wonder why it has so many people loyal to it, this GPU battle was always nooblike , if you look from a technical standpoint ATI was never behind a lot and who gives a fuck about 10% of FPS nvidia has more , that's fanboyism , to think 10% of more FPS means an absolute winner , i am not ATI fanboy , but I keep using this brand JUST because my first PC had it and I got used to it and it's drivers , that's all)

Just like ninentdo , i got n64 from my parents , i end up using only nintendo 10 years later :)

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I also got used to ATI video cards and drivers, too.

That is like a long time ago, like 1997. It's the days of ATI Rage Pro 2MB that I remember in an IBM Aptiva L Series computer (back then, I couldn't stand a biege-looking computer case -- my family went with a black Aptiva with an IBM MM75 17" monitor with "Sound by Bose" and a push-button volume control).

From 1997 until now, I didn't care much about nVidia, even though I'm not a fanboy of ATI.

I once went from ATI Rage Pro (desktop, 1997) to ATI Rage Pro Xpress128 (PCI (not AGP as mine doesn't seem to have it back them) for desktop), then to ATI Radeon 7000 16MB (ah, crap... can't stand that Toshiba laptop), then to ATI Radeon X200M (HP laptop -- better but not quite), and here I am with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 (built-in to a motherboard for a custom-built computer).

Ah, man... Excuse my fanboyism, but I miss the days of ATI Rage Fury MAXX. I thought it's kind of coll, but if I remember right, ATI didn't do so well wiht dual video cards (though I don't have the links to prove my point). But what'd it be cool is to call ATI Radeon HD 5970 an ATI Rage Fury MAXX II! :)

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Nvidia and they're consumer confusion...I mean re branding of already released products to fool the already unwise

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I don't know.. seems like they are trying everything in the book to get something out the door without actually doing anything. No Dx11, Re-branding Cards and all that talk about making high-end cards that are not for gaming. Maybe there is some sort of strategy going here we all missed?

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Soooooo there isn't gunna be a Nvidia 300 series that will compete with the ATI 5xxx series?