The Saboteur's Nudity Restricted to DLC on Consoles, Comes Free with New Copies

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Posted: 6 years 46 weeks ago

While numerous games have bundled free downloadable content with new copies, Pandemic's upcoming The Saboteur is taking things to a new level by tempting potential buyers with the allure of less--clothing, that is.

"Adult content including nudity, a V.I.P. room and new hiding spots" is only available to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players if they download the Midnight Show add-on, according to Kotaku, which posted a screenshot of the in-game prompt.


That add-on is provided as a free download to those who buy the game new, with a code packed into the box. Otherwise, the content sells for 400 Microsoft Points / $5.

However, it seems that all this doesn't apply to the PC version, as Pandemic writes that the content is "on the PC disc already" with "no download needed."

All three versions of the WWII-set open-world game hit Europe tomorrow and North America on December 8, with Pandemic noting that the "Midnight Show DLC...will be available once Xbox Live & PSN update their networks (Dec 4th EU - Dec 8th - 10th US)."

Electronic Arts, which owns the recently downsized Pandemic Studios and is publishing The Saboteur, has previously billed downloadable content as the answer to piracy.

Bundling downloadable content with new copies is also seen as a deterrent against buying used--publishers and developers often lament that they see no kickbacks from used sales--with an ever-increasing number of games, including EA-distributed titles Rock Band 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, embracing the growing trend.