Introducing the Gecko Surfboard

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Posted: 6 years 46 weeks ago

The Gecko Surfboard is the most energy efficient and least expensive x86 desktop in the world. The Gecko Surfboard is a complete computer built into a keyboard. The Surfboard connects directly to a VGA monitor or can plug directly into a TV composite input. The Surfboard offers optional internal WIFI expansion or 3G connection.

The Gecko Surfboard is ideal for bedroom computers as it is fanless and silent. It is great for banks, hotels, hospitals, schools or homes. The Gecko Edubook makes a great thin client and supports both Windows XP and Linux.


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Put in that HDMI port for $99 Gecko Surfboard and I'll buy it. :) Sorry, my HDTV does not have a VGA port. :(

Composite port is outdated and worthless.

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I agree with you that it needs a more modern video port. The idea is really good though for those guys that need a portable computer with a full keyboard.

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This type of computing platform will get us nowhere until we get more performance out of these. But, it is a VERY GOOD start...


Wow, that doesn't look like an Eee ripoff without the cool touch screen...