Microsoft to switch internal focus to Windows 8 in July 2010

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Posted: 6 years 46 weeks ago

With another month gone (boy that one flew by), it's time to take a look at what Microsoft Careers, a great source for scraps on future Microsoft products, had to say about Windows 8 over the last 30 days or so. This month we saw seven job postings regarding the successor to both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, each one offering a small glimpse into what Microsoft is thinking about. Before we go through them in chronological order, we should note that some of them have already been removed and others have been slightly reworded, so what you see below is the original unedited versions Microsoft first posted and which we saved until now. The first job posting is from November 3, 2009 and is looking for someone to fill the Software Engineering: Test job category by working on critical updates that will be delivered through Windows Update for Windows 8: (READ MORE)