Valve Details Left 4 Dead 2 PC Unlock Times

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Posted: 6 years 49 weeks ago

Hoping to ease the confusion about tonight's release of Left 4 Dead 2, Valve has updated the Left 4 Dead blog with a handy-dandy listing of worldwide Steam unlock times.

While those seeking the Xbox 360 edition will have to hit up a retailer--some are opening at local midnight for the occasion--those that have pre-ordered and pre-loaded the PC version via Steam will be able to play at:

  * Monday, November 16th, 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
  * Monday, November 16th, 10:00 PM Mountain Standard Time
  * Monday, November 16th, 11:00 PM Central Standard Time
  * Tuesday, November 17th, 12:00 AM (midnight) Eastern Standard Time
  * Tuesday, November 17th, 5:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time
  * Tuesday, November 17th, 8:00 AM Moscow Time
  * Tuesday, November 17th, 2:00 PM Japan Standard Time



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Anyone buying this game? :)

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