Geforce GT 240 launch price is $99

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Posted: 6 years 48 weeks ago

We finally managed to get some finalized specification of Geforce GT 240 card and we can even share some performance estimates.

As far as we know, the card launches tomorrow, November 17 and the 40nm GPU will work at 550MHz. The shader clock is set to 1360MHz and the chip has 96 shader units.

The memory of choice is GDDR3 at 2000MHz or GDDR5 at 3400MHz and the card will come with either 512MB or 1024MB. The emory interface is 128-bit wide and the card will sit between Geforce GT 220 and Geforce 9800GT in terms performance.

Let’s not forget DirectX 10.1 and Shader model 4.1 support as well as Blu-ray and HD hardware acceleration support.

The chip has 8 ROPs, 32 texture filtering units and the card is a single slot design. Most cards to launch will come with VGA, DVI and HDMI, but the GPU supports Displayport and there might be some vendors to launch the card with Displayport as well.

Nvidia compares GT 240 cards with Radeon HD 4670 and beats it in top 11 games, at least in the GDDR5 version.