Steam users lose out on Modern Warfare 2

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Posted: 6 years 50 weeks ago

Those people who pre-ordered a copy of Modern Warfare 2 through Steam, will be miffed that they will have to wait a few days.

Yep while the game hit the shops unofficially several days ago, Steam which should have been able to release it straight away still hasn't. Valve has delayed the availability of the online-bought Steam version until tomorrow despite the fact that the retail versions available yesterday.

Even PC retail pre-sells who managed to get their paws on the game have been told they'd have to wait until Tuesday to play, despite the fact that nothing prevented console buyers from doing so. Valve has managed to police this using its Steamworks DRM technology which was slipped into retail and digitally downloadable PC versions of Modern Warfare 2.

Understandably Steam's Modern Warfare 2 boards has been blue with abuse with users swearing they will never pre-order through Steam again. The fact that the game could be played by buying the retail version before the online version is just daft, one user moaned. Another claimed he was being punished for pre-purchasing and pre-downloading the game.

Valve is not saying why it decided to dump a huge turd on its online punters. Some think that the outfit might have had some deal with retailers. However this could be a backlash that bites the company. Unfortunately Steam has had a lot of situations that should have castrated any company. But while it produces games that people want it can more or less do what it likes. Telling people not to buy Modern Warfare 2 in protest is not going to get much traction.