MW2: IW gets AC130 takedown notice

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Posted: 6 years 49 weeks ago

As you may be aware, our very own PST*Joker has made assertions on BASH that the MP AC130 and several other MW2 features were influenced (without any recognition) by him and other PC modders. A few hours ago, I saw a Tweet go out from a community member suggesting that Joker issue a takedown notice of Infinity Ward's AC130 MP vid on YouTube.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sam Babbitt.

"@pstjoker I just thought you should send youtube a DMCA take down notice regarding the #MW2 AC130 video. See how youtube responds." (@therealrudedog) I think Joker took up the idea and I can only assume he's more surprised than anyone that a few minutes ago YouTube yanked IW's AC130 video right off IW's official channel. AC130 vid removed I've mentioned before that MW2 has been like a marriage breakup between PC gamers and IW. Now, this has all the earmarks of a messy divorce. By the way, I certainly don't envy Fourzerotwo in any of this -- as if he doesn't have enough on his hands. All of this seems very unfortunate all the way round. Just a few minutes ago I spoke to PST*Joker and apparently he did make the takedown claim and YouTube did take down the original official video from their IW channel. Joker forwarded this reply from IW's community manager: "Really? Copyright infringment claim? :sigh:" - Fourzerotwo DM on Twitter



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I think there's got to be some community devoted to "divorced" PC gamers like in this games, an organized community to put pain and mark on the publishers like Activision with various ways.

But what you must know that IW is a subsidary of Activision, so this might not be IWs work , they just follow commands.

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Did IW expect the PC community to be happy with what they have done?

I sleep fine at night knowing we are banning people who deserve it.  Tivon
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