A Warning to Users Returning their DLink Products

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Posted: 6 years 51 weeks ago

Here is a post from ISPGeeks that all customers of DLink should be carefull of. (Click here for the entire posting)

It would appear that this latest firmware fix while it may have fixed a majority of the 3 day lockup issues it still leaves unfixed a ton of other problems including wireless. Almost universally the wireless issues have remained the same or in several cases become worse than before based on the multitude of forum complaints I’ve read over the past 6 days.

To make things worse, D-link is telling those who who recently filed BBB complaints that they want them to try the firmware instead of replacing or refunding the router. This is a stalling tactic folks and don’t fall for it. Whatever you do..do not allow the BBB to close the case against D-link until you have received satisfaction.

This is how they are tricking you folks. Instead of filing a response to issues raised by the consumer through the BBB arbitration process what they are doing is filing a FINAL RESPONSE FROM COMPANY. You get the email and then by BBB rules you have a short time to respond with your acceptance or refusal. IF YOU FAIL TO RESPOND the BBBcloses your case favorable to D-Link (and this is what they are counting on).

DO NOT ALLOW THE BBB OR DLINK TO DO THIS TO YOU! If they push the firmware nonsense on you immediately refuse the offer through the BBB portal and demand either immediate replacement or refund for the cost of your router.

Also…if D-Link all of sudden stops responding to you via email (which they have done in several cases) then you need to immediately notify the BBB through the portal or even better yet call them or fax them with the details (remember to keep everything).

D-link is sneaky folks (have doubts read all the posts from me in this thread…it should clear things up nicely).

Once again if you have any questions at all or need help let me know either in this thread or by pm or you can contact me directly at [email protected]