Zalman 10 Years in Silence Celebration

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Posted: 6 years 50 weeks ago

GARDEN GROVE, California, Oct 14, 2009 - Zalman USA, Inc. celebrates the 10th anniversary of Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters based in Seoul, Korea). For the whole month of November, Zalman will hold a variety of events with plentiful prizes on its FORUM website (http://forum.zalmanu...), to be launched on the 1st of November. The ten-week long celebration will be putting spurs on gaining popularity with the release of newly developed powerful CPU coolers, the all new CNPS10X series. The series consists of 3 choices - 10X Quiet, 10X Extreme, and 10X Flex - each with distinct features. For more information, please visit Zalman’s website.

“For 10 years Zalman has been a global leader in PC cooling with refined design and sophisticated systems,” said Manki Lee, the CEO of Zalman USA. Zalman was founded in 1999, introducing quiet cooling solutions to the PC industry. It all began with a thermal engineer’s desire for a quite computer, after working next to his PC over night. “What if the fan noise from the CPU could be eliminated?” He presented his solution to his boss, Youngpil Lee (the current CEO), and Zalman took its first leap. Before long, a vast number of PC users desperate for elimination of computer noise emerged. In response to it, Zalman launched numerous noiseless cooling solutions with enormous support from computer professionals, and the brand of Zalman is now highly recognized throughout the world.

“We are very pleased and excited to announce our 10th anniversary,” said Ike Hwang, a newly appointed President of Sales & Marketing. “It marks an exciting milestone for us. Ever since we introduced the ultra quite, high performance Flower Heat Sink design 9 years ago, there have been new cutting edge products breaking records in CPU cooling performance. I think we have played an important role in raising standards of the high-end PC cooling industry. We can’t wait to see what the next decade will hold.”

The outstanding developments at Zalman have been consistently recognized in the industry leading to numerous awards, including 3 CES Design & Engineering Showcase Awards, USD 30 and 50 Million Export Tower Awards, Venture Design Award Gold Medal Honors, twice recognized by Deloitte as an Asia Pacific Technology Fast500 Company(2005&amp2006), as well as many other awards, certifications, and patents.

Zalman has carried out a vast reinforcement of its FORUM website (http://forum.zalmanu...) and will reopen it with various campaigns and prizes. Everyone interested in Zalman that would like to join the celebration of its 10th birthday are welcome to join the party during this exciting year-end festival. Visit Zalman’s FORUM website and don’t miss the chance to get amazing gifts.


Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. ( is a global leader of ultra quiet cooling solutions for the computer industry. Zalman leads the industry with its expertise in low-noise thermal management and design of efficient, heat-dissipating solutions for various computer components. Established in 1999, the company has over the years developed a very extensive line of coolers for processors, video cards, hard disk drives, and northbridge chipsets. Other unique products include external water cooling units, surround sound audio products, and specialized quiet computer enclosures. Zalman has acquired its reputation as the best cooling solutions provider not just for superior performance and quality, but particularly for superb acoustic control and noise management.