Windows 7 Marketshare Jumps Past 3 Percent

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Posted: 6 years 51 weeks ago

Windows 7 has officially been a part of the worldwide mass market for more than a week and a half and now makes up more than 3.6 percent of all PCs tracked by research firm Net Applications.

Net Applications tracks OS usage statistics through information reported by internet browser software. On October 21, the day before the official launch, Windows 7 usage was at 1.89 per cent, according to Channel Register. By launch day, the number hit 1.99 per cent, constantly rising to 3.67 percent it hit on November 1.

Throughout October, various versions of Windows made up 92.52 percent of the browsing market, with Mac OS X taking 5.27 per cent, and Linux at 0.96 percent.

Despite the steadily growing Windows 7 share, Microsoft's OS as a whole have been falling as Windows had nearly 94 percent of the market in December 2008. Share of Mac OS X and mobile browsers appears to have modestly risen in its place.




Let's hope that Microsoft gets back on track so we could expect better OS's, hardware and software in the future.