Modern Warfare 2: the case for the dedicated server

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Posted: 6 years 51 weeks ago

Supporters of dedicated servers for FPS games claim that the current system is necessary to allow for a full gaming experience. Needless to say, the recent news that dedicated servers aren't being supported in the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 hasn't exactly gone over well with a lot of the computer gaming community.

Last week, when Infinity Ward revealed it was dropping dedicated servers from the PC build of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in favor of a new matchmaking infrastructure called IWNET, it was like someone sucker-punched the PC gaming community. The reaction was both immediate and loud: forums erupted with angry posts, and a petition asking Infinity Ward to rethink its decision quickly surpassed 150,000 signatures. So far, the developer seems to be ignoring the complaints of its PC audience. This isn't whining, however. Digging below the surface reveals that those who are asking Infinity Ward not to do away with the dedicated servers entirely are not simply scared of change. Instead, they want the PC gaming experience to be as enjoyable as possible for the entire community, something they say isn't possible without control of the servers. ... (Read More)



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IW is retarded, Luckily theres DICE

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PC's are only 15% of COD4? Where do they get these numbers because I'm sure that is total BS. If that's true it just goes to show how many little kids are playing adult games.


"Call of Duty 7 (working title), was leaked as being in production when David Kim, a senior animator at Treyarch, stated on an online website "I am currently on my second title as a senior animator in the games industry with Activision / Treyarch on Call Of Duty 7."[15] No other information about the game has been revealed, though it has been rumored to be set in the Vietnam War."

I've given up on COD6, they killed it for the PC. So now I'm setting my sites on COD7. I hope it has Dedicated servers. :)

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