Hemlock is here: ATI Radeon HD 5970

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The most powerful graphics card in the world is coming to our stores. Some reviewers already have the card in their mašinách, but traditionally about it can not yet say that's that. We will first bring the world at least the first image of a presentation of AMD, where you can see the new official version of the cooler. If you are interested in the expected output, then as yet unofficial frequency (GPU 725MHz, 1GHz GDDR5) that looks at 1.6x ATI Radeon HD 5870th. We need to take into account the drivers and scaling "Crossfire. Lower frequency than we anticipated, can be caused either by an attempt to reduce consumption (close to the bars is fitted 1x6pin and 1x8pin, but is not excluded 2x8pin version) or the fact that Nvidia is currently the Hemlock has no competition, or by the above model relating frequency of weaker - ATI Radeon HD 5950th. Leave a surprise.




Oh so its 5970, not 5890. this means that ati is leaving room for say a 5890 (single gpu) which might get the 512bit DDR5 and higher clocks that ppl are wanting

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I feel Ati should just relax themselves a bit.... they are releasing a little too many video cards too often. As much as I find Ati is doing a great job in appealing to the lower budget market in getting a very good performing video card for a low price. I believe they should maintain that, cause as far as i'm concerned all Ati needs to do is increase the bit rate on their cards from 256 bit to 512 bit DDR5 and that would hold up enough for any other graphic card or games out there present or future. Then again technology changes so often especially in those graphic chips its ridiculous.

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it is a shame it can't fit into my case


who wrote this? Do they know what English is?


I thought it was just me

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It was translated into English..lol

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