Crucial Memory SSD Firmware Updates Now Available

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Posted: 7 years 1 day ago

I’m pleased to report that after much testing and evaluation within our Crucial Performance Lab, firmware 1819, with support for the TRIM command in Windows 7, is now available at: http://www.crucial.c...

If your Crucial M225 Solid-State Drive has firmware 1711, you must first revert back to the 1571 firmware prior to updating to the new 1819 firmware version. Instructions and the 1571 firmware are available on the support page as well.

Additionally, on the support page we have a boot from CD option that is an ISO image. The ISO image contains the Firmware update and FreeDOS, which works when updating Mac systems.

The Crucial Performance Lab is still actively evaluating the “idle time Garbage Collection support” in the firmware. We currently do not have a date for when we will release a similar firmware update. However, as soon as it is available, we will post updates to the support page.




How do you check which firmware you currently have?