Acer's new 24-inch screen boasts 8,000,000:1 contrast

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Posted: 7 years 2 days ago

LED backlighting squeezed in 14mm ultraslim

Oh joy of joys, Acer's PR people have launched an LCD screen with 8,000,000:1 contrast. We're really not sure how they got to 8 million, but nonetheless the Slim Line S243 is a very interesting screen.

It's based on a TN panel, but it features LED backlighting, allowing for a very thin, 14mm design and low power consumption. In fact, Acer is promising just over 17W of consumption, which is quite a bit lower than on similar size CCFL panels. Brightness is rated at 250cd/m2 and the 2ms response time should be fast enough for anyone.

However, all this is irrelevant. Most people will get it for its looks, which are impressive to say the least. It's still not available in Europe, but list prices range from €266 to around €350 depending on the region. It sounds like quite a lot compared to CCFL panels, but if you compare it to LED units it's very competitive.

Basically, you'll get the bonkers styling for free.



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So it's between US$300 to US$400? I didn't bother to do the conversion using a conversion website.

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