First DirectX 11 benchmark shows up

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Posted: 6 years 52 weeks ago

While Futuremark is busy with its Shattered Horizon game, Unigine has come forward and released the first ever DirectX 11 benchmark, dubbed Heaven.

In addition to DirectX 11 support, the Unigine engine also supports DirectX 9, DirectX 10, OpenGL as well as ATI's Eyefinity multi-monitor feature. In order to fully utilize ATI's HD 5000 series, the new Unigine benchmark uses tessellation technology, advanced SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion), dynamic sky with light scattering, volumetric clouds that are rendered by a physically accurate algorithm and interactive experience with fly/walk-through mode as well as the benchmark mode.

The benchmark can be found here, and even if you aren't running Windows 7 on ATI's HD 5000 series, be sure to check it out as this one looks quite good. You can also check out this video of it over at Youtube.