Dual-GPU Radeon HD 5950 and HD5970 coming in November

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Posted: 7 years 20 hours ago

Multiple sources are suggesting that R800, the card codenamed Hemlock, is going to come out in late November.

Samples are already out in the wild and, as expected, the TDP is definitely exceeding 300W. Once it launches, this card will finally take over the performance crown from Nvidia's Geforce GTX 295, but there is a big chance that ATI's performance leadership might only last a few weeks, since Nvidia is still planning to launch its Fermi card in 2009.

HD5950 and HD5970 cards will certainly assure the top spot for ATI.





because Nvidia always halt and halt fermi development

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Fermi is not real


Man! The HD 5900 cards will be LONG!!! Only the owners of full tower cases will be even considering those! I'll stick with getting an HD 5870 as I have been for months.

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What fermi haha , it was fake

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Just have to wait and see if NVIDIA Fermi will ever happen. For now ATI is in the spot light taking names and kicking game booty! :)

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