Cheapest Arrandale ULV to cost $241

Tagged: Intel Core i5, Computer Hardware
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Posted: 7 years 3 days ago

Core i5 520UM that is the cheapest of all Arrandale 32nm dual-core CPUs with four threads will end up at a not-so-cheap $241. The scheduled launch is Q1 2010 and this CPU runs at 1.06GHz and supports Turbo that can help it get all the way to pretty impressive 1.86GHz.

The CPU has 3MB of cache, supports DDR3 800 memory and its total TDP is at a very acceptable 18W. The graphics is still stuck at 45nm and will run at 166MHz, but with a "little bit" of Turbo it will be able to get all the way to 500MHz.

We have a strong feeling that this particular model might be very interesting to many thin-and-light laptop manufacturers and as we said it will come in Q1, most probably already in January.