Windows 7 delivered early to UK customers

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Source: Cnet - Read the full article
Posted: 7 years 1 day ago

Some lucky Brits received their pre-ordered copy of Windows 7 earlier today -- several days before it goes on sale -- proving that there is at least one good thing to result from postal strikes.

One excited CNET UK reader -- Tom Brown, from Hertfordshire -- dropped us a line earlier this evening to express his delight that he had come home to a package from PC World. It was his copy of Windows 7 Home Premium, which he pre-ordered a couple of months ago.

Naturally, he was confused. "[PC World] sent me an email saying that Windows 7 would not leave their warehouse until 21 October -- a day before the official release," he told us in an email.
Blame the postman

The reason appears to be the looming threat of industrial action at Royal Mail. CNET UK understands Microsoft has agreed to allow certain retailers in the UK to send out copies of Windows 7 early, to avoid delivery delays resulting from Postman Pat staying at home to grumble over his wages.

So if you came home to a shiny disc in a box today, kiss the next postman you see. Because of his potential refusal to work, you got Windows 7 before the rest of the world.

Afterwards, consider checking out our detailed collection of Windows 7 how-tos to help you get started.

Update: It seems is also dispatching its copies early as well. Our own editor Jason Jenkins received an email this morning confirming his order had been shipped via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which means he should get it tomorrow.