DirectX 11 to get faster adoption

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Posted: 7 years 1 week ago

We have some good news for you. DirectX 11 games should start appearing sooner and in much bigger numbers than DirectX 10 games back when DX10 was introduced.

Let us remind you, when Microsoft went to DirectX 10 it insisted on an upgrade to Vista and since this operating system was not really popular, not many people rushed to make this upgrade. The second weak point of Vista was that it didn't run on legacy and still kicking Windows XP and last but certainly not least was the fact that DirectX 10 games didn't look much different than DirectX 9 games. This was also boosted by the fact that Crisys ended up being quite slow on DirectX 10 and Vista.

DirectX 11 will run on both Windows Vista and Windows 7 so this is the first good bit of news. The second one is that there are already some games in the pipe that might come with serious DirectX 11 support. ATI is pushing development and Nvidia will get on bandwagon once it releases its DirectX 11 hardware later this year.

The biggest visual difference with DirectX 11 will be the tessellation and we cannot see any serious implementation of this effects anytime soon, simply as consoles won't support it, or they have some basic support for it.These days, with the existing hardware, it is not that hard to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of polygons in the scene.

Overall DirectX 11 will come sooner but it won't make most games look much different.