AMD calls Fermi a "Paper Dragon"

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Posted: 7 years 1 week ago

AMD has showed a presentation in which it compares its HD 5800 generation with Nvidia's upcoming Fermi, or as AMD likes to call it a "Paper Dragon".

The PR wars (Or FUD wars.sub.ed) between AMD and Nvidia have started once again as we draw closer to Nvidia's launch of Fermi. Nvidia still believes that Fermi beats the HD 5870, but on the other hand, AMD is selling more and more HD 5800 series cards, and Fermi is no where to be seen yet.

The guys from HardOCP have posted the full presentation and it can also be found over at PCGamesHardware site, and on paper, at least according to AMD, HD 5870 should be faster than Fermi. But as you all know, performance on paper and in real world is something that isn't comparable.

AMD's Fermi performance estimates are speculative, and until we see some real world performance numbers, we can't be certain of anything. AMD seems to be either scared by Fermi, or just wants to keep the Fermi rumors at bay and convince those that are waiting for Fermi to go for HD 5800 series now.

Nvidia's Fermi also sound great on paper, and we are sure that Nvidia has already internally pushed it against HD 5870, and that's where Nvidia has a slight advantage, as it already knows how fast the HD 5870 actually is. We doubt that Nvidia would even mention those bold claims unless they are pretty sure that Fermi is at least a bit faster than HD 5870.

On the other hand AMD is already working on Hemlock and selling its HD 5800 series DirectX 11 capable cards. The only thing left for Nvidia to do is work hard and get Fermi out as soon as it can, as currently AMD is tightly grasping the graphics card market.

You can check out the presentation over at HardOCP or over at PCGamesHadware site.