CryEngine 3 Released to Devs

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Posted: 6 years 49 weeks ago

Crytek today unleashed the third iteration of its CryEngine graphics platform in announcing the official release of CryEngine 3. The engine is the Crytek's first stab at a cross-platform solution, allowing developers to work with a single editor and output the results to a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in real-time. Other, more flashy features are outlined in the following video:


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While I recognize the technological improvements... does anybody else seem underwhelmed by this engine?

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I kind of looks like what they already have now. They could probably do a lot better, but there are limits to the hardware we have right now. Almost there, but not CGI in real-time yet.

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this engine looks fantastic. it must run like a dream now if its avail. on consoles