Nvidia partners discontinued GTX285 and GTX275

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Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago

And GTX260... Several Nvidia partners have confirmed that they had to decide to cancel GTX 285 and GTX 275 based products, as availability was simply disastrous.

We still don’t now if this is Nvidia's strategy to keep the market hungry for Fermi or they simply didn't order enough wafers, but availability of GTX260, GTX275 and GTX285 was so bad that many decided to drop these products and wait for Fermi.

The lucky ones can sell Radeon HD 5870 and 5850, as they are selling good, but the 5870 is mainly on allocation and that doesn’t really help a lot.

The GT200 generation is slowly but surely running towards its retirement and if you want one, simply grab it while you still can, or get RV870 or Fermi when it comes out.




Seems like semiaccurate was very accurate about nVidias problems in the market. Hopefuly nV people will learn that it dowesnt pay to be an ass towards the customers.

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