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Q&A Video: Mouse Angle Snapping?

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Video Review #1617: Silverstone EB01-E External Digital to Analog Converter

The original SilverStone EB01 Digital Audio Converter was released in 2006, but the EB01-E DAC offers a much better chipset, thus sound quality is greatly improved. It's available in a silver and black color, build quality is excellent, it's aluminum, 3 input options and easy setup. For the money, this is one of the best DAC out there.

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Video Review #1416: Mionix Propus 380 & Sargas 900 Mousepads

The Mionix Propus 380 mousepad would be my choice as it's medium sized, made from a special silver-metallic plastic coating, has a thin semi-rigid PVC base & a rubber back. The Sargas 900 Mousepad on the other hand is massive, has a soft microfiber top & rubber backed.

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User Poll: Do You Buy Expensive or Affordable Products?

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Video Review #1615: Mionix Zibal 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Mionix Zibal 60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with Cherry MX black linear mechanical switches with 18K Gold plated switch connectors, six key roller, green LEDs, brightness options, USB2 ports & audio jacks. This is a compact, very built, no-frills keyboard, but sometimes simple and elegant is best the best option!

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User Poll: What's Your Favorite Case Color(s)?

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Video Review #1614: NZXT Phantom 240 (P240) Case

The NZXT Phantom 240 Case has a bold design with lots of features to boot and it's reasonably priced. It comes with 2 120mm fans, but more can be added, plus there's provision for watercooling, lots of drive bays, cable management, USB3 ports and more. If you like the styling, this case might be for you!

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Video Review #1613: Cooler Master 550W V550 Semi-Modular Gold Power Supply

The V series semi modular line ranges in wattages from 450 to 750 & they are all 80+ Gold certified, have Japanese capacitors, low ripple, and come with a quite 120mm fan. Their main focus with these PSUs is the enthusiast. Someone who wants a great looking PSU, but most importantly one that performs very well. And the Cooler Master 550W V550 Semi-Modular Gold Power Supply is a perfect option for a smaller build.

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Video Review #1612: GX Gaming Zabius Gaming Headset

The Genius Zabius Gaming Headset works on the PC, MAC, PlayStation & XBOX. The black/bred color theme is sharp and the build quality is good. It comes with 40mm neodymium drivers, in-line controller & detachable mic. This headset offers great bang for the buck!

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Video Review #1611: Mionix NASH 20 Headset

The Mionix NASH 20 Headset looks sharp, build quality is great, comfy to wear & they sound excellent. The 50mm neodymium DACT drivers are impressive and offer super mids & highs with a good bass punch. Also, the Uni-direction mic is great. This is a no-frills headset that delivers!

Video Review #1610: Mionix Avior 7000 Gaming Mouse

The ambidextrous Mionix Avior 7000 Gaming Mouse comes with a great ADNS-3310 gaming grade 700dpi optical sensor, RGB LEDs, 128 kb built-in memory, powerful software, it has 9 programmable buttons & 5 profiles. The soft-touch surface treatment feels amazing & repels fingerprints. As well, the fit & finish, build quality and styling is excellent. Sweet mouse for the money!

Video Review #1609: CaseLabs Magnum SMA8 Case Video Review (PART 2 of 2)

The CaseLabs Magnum SMA8 Case is one of the best cases I've ever reviewed and it's not just because it has a removable motherboard tray! First of all you have to assemble it from scratch which is a very rewarding experience. While putting it together you get an appreciation for the outstanding craftsmanship. This all aluminum case screams quality and is packed with features. It's an enthusiasts wet dream!