Intel worried about GPU viruses

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Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago

Larrabee gets inoculated

According to Xbit Labs, Intel is a bit worried that specialized viruses targeting GPUs could soon appear, as GPGPUs become increasingly popular.

We've talked about the potential benefits of GPGPU computing on numerous occasions. Although there's still not enough useful GPGPU applications for average desktop users, the concept is quite promising. Both Nvidia and ATI have GPGPU video encoding software, and Nvidia recently informed us that it's thinking about using its Fermi GPUs to power antivirus software.

Intel, however, sees the GPGPU as a possible target for next generation viruses, tailored to specifically attack such hardware. “Without any doubts, as graphics processors get more complex, the question of security will become more and more significant and, perhaps, we will witness the first viruses for the GPU. This is why we are carefully studying all the possibilities to ensure security with Larrabee, both on API and on driver levels,” said Intel software specialist Philipp Gerasimov.

It's worth noting that Intel's Larrabee is x86 compatible, unlike ATI and Nvidia GPUs. So Intel would be the prime target for such viruses, should they ever materialize. Nvidia says its Fermi chips will run C++ code, and this brings it a step closer to a proper CPU. So, instead of discussion boards, fanboys could start fighting for their beloved brands with viruses.