Nvidia Abandons Market? (No truth to this!)

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Posted: 7 years 3 weeks ago

As many of our readers have been discussing Charlie's recent article. There is some serious scuttlebutt going around about NVIDIA's market intentions. Here is what Charlie Demerjian lead with yesterday.

NVIDIA IS KILLING the GTX260, GTX275, and GTX285 with the GTX295 almost assured to follow as it (Nvidia: NVDA) abandons the high and mid range graphics card market. Due to a massive series of engineering failures, nearly all of the company's product line is financially under water, and mismanagement seems to be killing the company.

You can find the rest of the article here.

I have known Charlie for a long time and have shared time with him all over the globe, and I will say that there is almost always a basis of truth in his stories. That said, there is almost always a reach to dramatize and spin the article into line with what I think are personal motivations. Regardless of your opinion on this, I see what Charlie writes as "Tech Tabloid" and I think most of us will agree on this.

Headlines like Charlie is writing now should not go unanswered, so we asked NVIDIA for an official statement as to this topic so we could publish it for [H] readers, and here it is from Ken Brown at NVIDIA PR:

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for asking.

There is no truth to this. Charlie has become a sponsored site of his sole advertiser. It's no coincidence his website looks like an AMD ad.

Please let your readers know, and let us know if you have any more questions.


Wow. Don't think there is anything left to say on this. Enjoy.



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Haha , what if Nvidia lies haha

Nobody knows for sure , and that's the truth.


Charlie is mostly wrong from my experince, if he's right it's usually heavily distorted with just a bit of truth.
He's a sensationalist, because that's the only way he can redirect users to his website (and addvertisements).

I was recently trying to find info on Valve Software, and look what came up:

But usually he's just on rage against Nvidia.


I love it - they deny with no supporting facts and then attack the writer - just like a politician. How about Nvidia counter with some facts like .. we expect our new cards to be out early Q1 or something of that nature.

After bump gate does Nvidia have and crediabilty left? They blamed their partners for the faults when it was them.

That is not to say Charlie couldn't be wrong just that they really don't counter it very well.

Besides look over Charlies articles of the past from the Inq and his new website - How many times has he been right vs wrong and you will see that his journalism is more right than wrong - sure he can rub people the wrong way and may even be and ATI fanboy to some degree but that doesn't make his information false.


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I just thought it would be nice of me to post a follow up on the Nvidia FUD. ;)

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