Intel Experiments With Processor Self Tuning

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Posted: 7 years 2 weeks ago

Intel has a prototype processor that aims at being more energy efficient in all product ranges, from mobile to server markets. The new processor performs tuning based on various parameters, including clockspeed, temperature and voltage. By using some of die space, Intel's engineers are able to do way with some of the methods used today in processor binning. Intel will still choose the best silicon for more expensive processors but it can now do so without that incurring a power and frequency penalty due to the safety margins required. The processor will also automatically adjust itself when the user provides better cooling to the system, readjusting itself as needed when temperatures get warmer during the summer, without any need of user intervention. It's the next level of Intel's turbo mode, and then some. Very exciting stuff, which is not expected to debut soon. It's a similar experiment to the Terascale 80 core processor from a few years ago.


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While I don't mean to show bias, but wouldn't AMD will do the same, too?

Too bad my AMD motherboard for server is AM2 only, so I'll have to get a new motherboard in order to take advantege of that capability. But in the plus side, mine uses about 40 watts, but with a new technology implemented into a new CPU from AMD, I'm not sure how low it can get down to -- maybe 25 watts...?

My AMD processor is so old -- it's an AMD Sempron 3400+ single-core processor.

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