Nvidia's GPU accelerated flash comes soon

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Posted: 7 years 3 weeks ago

According to info that we managed to get from Nvidia, GPU accelerated flash will be officially introduced on October 5th.

The guys from notebookjournal.de have posted a Youtube video showing an internal flash player build running a trailer of the latest Star Trek movie in 720p. The trailer was running on an ION-based netbook which had no trouble in pulling off smooth playback.

Unfortunately, the video was pulled pretty quickly due to the fact that it was under NDA till October 5th, but those that managed to see it, including us, have nothing but praise as this means that those small ION-based netbooks and nettops that are limited to Atom CPU will finally get some flash candy.

We are quite sure that more info about this will be available once Nvidia decides to go official with the info on October 5th.