First Images of Nvidia GeForce “Fermi” Show Up

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Posted: 7 years 3 weeks ago

Nvidia Corp. has demonstrated one of the first products based on its newly-announced Fermi architecture. The first card, which pictures appeared on Japanese PC Watch web-site, based on the graphics processing unit (GPU) known as G300, GT300 or NV60 is apparently not a GeForce, but Tesla, which is designer for high-performance computing or simulation market. Nvidia Tesla Fermi-G300 card, which is intended for massively parallel computing and not video games, does feature DVI-I output, unlike today’s Tesla cards. An interesting thing to point out is that the shown-off Tesla card does not seem to feature Nvidia IO chip, which contains display controllers, which means that either the new flagship GPU features integrated TMDS transmitters, or the DVI-I output does not work.