National Broadband Could Cost $350 Billion

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Posted: 7 years 3 weeks ago

The total cost of developing a universal broadband plan for the United States could run as high as $350 billion, but the plan would produce major economic and social benefits ranging from improving healthcare and education to helping people with disabilities and improving public safety programs, according to a report prepared by an FCC task force.

The huge price tag dwarfs the $7.2 billion earmarked in President Obama's economic stimulus program. The task force estimated universal broadband deployment costs would range between $20 billion and $350 billion. The highest figure calls for providing service at 100 Mbps or faster.




does this mean free internet?

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Corrupted world leaders want to control the whole US web , in an event of secret leakage or a riot plan , they can effectively cut off the whole US and later NAU from being able to connect to the internet.

resist and do not let this maniacs to control you.

When they will do it , they will excuse and say "there has been a high breach of us national security and an emergency cutoff had been activated" or "due to national security risks" or whatever you can think of , it's an excuse , as it has always been with other stuff , the real agenda lies under the curtain.

Things like , better healthcare , lower taxes , stabilization of the market , are the deepest of bullshits your puppet government is deceiving you with.


Sure, companies like TimeWarner, Verizon and Comcast never screwed their customers....ever. Chicken Little should take a chill pill.