HP's Core i7 PCs show blue screens of death

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Posted: 7 years 3 weeks ago

HP APPEARS to be having major problems with its entire line of Core i7 PCs.

According to HP's support forums, the range is fast developing a reputation for locking up, freezing and throwing BSOD's.

The forum has more than 100 pages of customers that have shipped back their machines and received replacement units several times only to see the exact same problem.

The problem appears to affect the entire range of HP's elite Pavilion Series using Core i7 CPUs.

One reader who pointed this out to us said that he tried just about every conceivable setting, driver, and OS including Windows 7 64 RTM to find a combination that would identify or isolate the problem.

He found that every configuration, including a clean HP recovery install, produces the same problem - random BSOD's and freezes or lockups.

Currently on his third system, he has found that his machine is exhibiting the same problems again with increasing frequency.

"The problem appears to be widespread across the range. If this were not a widespread problem, what would the odds be of several users getting [three] systems with the exact same problem?" he said.

The bulletin board's theory is that the most likely cause might be a resister problem with the Pegatron motherboards.

There is already a thread entitled, "Pegatron Truckee-UL8E 1.03 motherboard is a total lemon". Inquiries to Pegatron are referred automatically back to HP, which has yet to make a statement about the problem.




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