Google Upgrades Internet Explorer With Chrome

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Posted: 7 years 4 weeks ago

Google has released a Chrome Plug-in for Internet Explorer in an effort to please those still stuck using Explorer for one reason or another.

Plenty of people are still using Internet Explorer 6 because their place of work won't upgrade to the updated version of Microsoft's browser. With the introduction of Chrome Frame, Google is looking to help employees move on without forcing their bosses to do the same.

Chrome Frame essentially transforms Explorer into Chrome by bringing an open HTML5 and other technologies to IE. Google engineers working on Chrome Frame say that the purpose is to help developers take advantage of the latest open web technologies.

"Recent JavaScript performance improvements and the emergence of HTML5 have enabled web applications to do things that could previously only be done by desktop software," wrote software engineers Alex Russell and Amit Joshi, along with project manager Mike Smith. "One challenge Developers face in using these new technologies is that they are not yet supported by Internet Explorer. Developers can't afford to ignore IE — most people use some version of IE — so they end up spending lots of time implementing work-arounds or limiting the functionality of their apps," the trio continue.