ATI throws a million+ in Dirt 2

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Posted: 7 years 4 weeks ago

According to our industry sources, the creators and publishers of Dirt 2 received quite big chunk of cash to make the game DirectX 11 capable.

Don’t expect any miracles, as developers will only get some minor things enabled and knowing how desperate the gaming industry is these days, they gladly accepted the opportunity to get some free cash for exchange for a few effects in DirectX 11.

ATI desperately need to push the sales of its heavily overpriced DirectX 11 cards that are supposed to launch on September 23rd (two days from press time) and having games such as Dirt 2 and Stalker 2 might help.

The trouble is that Dirt comes only after DirectX 11 official launch which is Windows 7 launch set for October 23rd and our sources have told that Dirt might actually be pushed back at least for December, leaving ATI hanging in there until the launch.