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11 September 2009, Taipei, Taiwan – Aduzai Co. Ltd., a Taiwan based video production company, was commissioned by ASUSTek. Gigabyte and KYE Systems (otherwise known as Genius) as well as QSTARZ to create a variety of videos in various formats.  The superior equipment and extensive knowledge of our team ensured top quality videos for our discerning customers.

The respective companies urge all Media, Bloggers and Distributors to freely embed and distribute the videos. The embed codes are available at the FirstZoom Youtube channel as well as on many other FirstZoom video platforms.
ASUS O!Play HD Media Player Video
The O!Play HD Media Player is an 1080 HD device which fits seamlessly into any home environment and allows almost all digital formats of videos to be played directly onto your TV. There is also a very cool, one-touch audio button where audio files are played directly through your amplified speakers, bypassing the TV completely. The video includes an unboxing as well as a brief introduction from Sarah of some key features which make the product stand out from the crowd. The video gives a visual impression of how this HD media player would look in your home, and also how easy it is to use and set up. Sarah is not included in the package, although many viewers might wish she was.

Watch the video here:
Gigabyte P55 Motherboard Innovations Video
The P55 chipset from Intel has lead to a plenty of motherboards being made with all the features of the new chipset integrated. Gigabyte goes a step further and introduces many more features which are all brought to light in this graphically stunning video. The clever interplay of visual sequences to quickly get the point across is both a credit to our creative department and the video crew alike. This type of video which integrates flash and video footage is ideal for manufacturers and distributors doing sales training or for media to introduce the finer points of product to their readers.

Check it out here:
QSTARZ GPS BT-Q1300S Sports Recorder Video
The QSTARZ GPS Sports Recorder is a novel gadget which can be used to track your sporting accomplishments, be they cycling, skiing or even motorcycling. After downloading the data from the device to your PC via USB or Bluetooth, the software then analyzes the route you took and gives you an accurate report on how many calories you lost. It's an excellent way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy exercise plan. The video captures our athletic star Cate who explains her impression of the device as well as gives some tips on how to use it correctly.

Check her in action here:
Genius CrazyTalk Webcam Suite
Genius webcams are well known, but little is known about their associated software package called the CrazyTalk Webcam Suite. This chat enhancing software is briefly outlined in a tutorial. You can see how it looks in MSN, and how easy it is to use and integrate in all the modern chat programs such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM. This video, while not glamorous and more suited as a tutorial, is a prime example of the different requirements from our different customers, and again shows the capabilities of our creative team to improvise to make sure our customer gets what they want.

The full flash program can be found here:

To see only the video go here:
Video is continually evolving to support OEM's, media, distributors and online stores
New products usually take a while to penetrate into a market, but with these videos' visual appeal and short runtime, they have a great chance to reach out to more people than any press release or advertorial content ever could. The videos were created to support media and distributors to illustrate the product in the best way and focus on key selling points The videos were launched on the FirstZoom.tvportal as well as on many other Firstzoom video portals, including MySpace,, Yahoo, Facebook, Metacafe, Veoh, Dailymotion and  YouTube. In addition, Plurk and Twitter were also used to extend the videos' reach worldwide.

Everyone is encouraged to use the content for their websites, blogs and online shops. Easily add the video to your website with the embed codes to be found on any of the video channels. 

Additionally, high quality pictures of the sets and scenes during the video productions are available at the FirstZoom Flickr picture gallery:

About Aduzai Co. Ltd
Aduzai Co. Ltd is a Taipei based video production and promotion service. Aduzai Co. Ltd. Was created to support companies with limited video production and promotion capabilities. We create and promote Internet HD quality videos of a company and its products. Aduzai Co. Ltd has native English speaking script writers to create professional content, a pool of  native English speaking presenters or narrators and a large global database of journalist and media contacts to share the videos with. Content created by is aggregated on it's on video portal as well as distributed through all major video sharing portals like YouTube, Google video, Yahoo!Video, Metacafe, BlipTV, Viddler, Facebook, MySpace etc.

The video content created by Aduzai serves as complementary material to the usual product marketing materials and press releases created by manufacturers.
About is an online Web tv portal featuring the content created by Aduzai Co. Ltd. for its clients. There are  many other videos from the technology arena to view and all may be linked or syndicated should you find the news interesting on the site.  The Portal is one of the many ways we are reaching out to allow people from all walks of life to experience the high quality video content. includes professional photos and a brief rundown of the video in a text form that can be viewed under each video. FirstZoom encourages as much syndication as possible for the benefit of our clients who are very proud of their products and want to share the information about them as widely as possible.

For further enquiries contact Aduzai Co. Ltd. here:




you've got to be kidding me. i checked out some of their videos and the quality is very amateurish. not visually stunning by any stretch of the imagination.