ATI Eyefinity runs WoW at 7680 x 3200

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Posted: 7 years 6 weeks ago

A few days ago, AMD demo'd WoW running seamlessly on six Dell 30" monitors, 7680x3200 resolution, at playable frame rates from a single Eyefinity card. Dirt 2 was also running, full DX11, again at playable frame rates, from the same card. Left4Dead stuttered a bit here and there, but was very playable. At 7K+ resolution from one card, that is not bad at all.

The take home message is that Eyefinity does one thing that no one else can, simulate a single monitor on multiple displays transparently to Windows. It should just work, and from what we saw, it does. This simple thing breaks through a fundamental brick wall for GPU adoption, limited resolution monitors.

Monitor growth has gone from CGA's 320x200 to the 2560x1600 that debuted in the Dell 30" monitor a few years ago. That is not even two orders of magnitude growth in 30 years. Meanwhile, GPUs have gone up my many many times more in performance. The Evergreen cards have 2.15 billion transistors and push 2.5+ teraflops, more than the fastest supercomputer in 2000 (well, that is SP flops, but it is still a nice number).




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I'd certainly love to see ultra-thin bezels of less than .001953125". Hey! I can dream, can I?

Anyway, nice video card that can work up to 6 monitors.

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Maybe this will start pushing the LCD industry... Would love to see thin bevels >1/8" and I think with LED back lighting it should be more than possible...